Reading Recommendations

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott. A wise and funny book about writing and life. My friend Ginger texted me that she was sitting in a cafe by herself, reading it and laughing out loud.


  1. Angle of Repose (Wallace Stegner)
    Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand)

  2. I loved Angle of Repose, read it a long, long time ago and still remember how much I liked it.

  3. Just practicing. But here’s a question: How do I know who is recommending what? Do I assume it’s Enid’s recommendation unless otherwise noted? What will happen when I click “add your comment?”
    I…2….3…we’ll see….

    1. You’re right, we should put our names under our recos – mine are the first two – Angle of Repose and Atlas Shrugged.

    2. We should probably put our names on our reading recommendations.

      Carma (for some reason it says scotia)

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